My name is Alison Chang, from Taiwan. Currently living in Savannah, Georgia and working on my Accessory Design MA program. As a Master Degree Student at Accessory Design in Savannah College Art and Design, I pursue my passion for design, art, and business. I believe “Design is a solution to a problem. Art is a question of a problem.” said John Maeda. To me Design and Art are like first cousins, they are related but have their own systems. Organizing exhibitions is a passion of mine. I organized several fashion shows and events from initial concept to the final show. Creating an exhibition is similar to creating a piece of 3-dimensional art. I thrive on finding sources, locations, models, creating timelines, tasks deliverables, and organizing people. My work at Stella Shoe Factory focused footwear, a complicated product since it combines multiple components. Thus, an exact production schedule and process are very important for designing shoe and handbag. Not only do I love designing footwear and handbag, I also love to wear what I design.
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