My name is Alison Chang I was born and raised in Tainan, Taiwan, other than loving accessories & fashion I love binge watching Netflix series and eating hotpot. I am currently living in Savannah, Georgia and working on my Accessory Design MA program. As an Accessory Design grad student in the Savannah College Art and Design, I pursue my passion for creating art, and business. To me design and art are like first cousins, they are related but have their own systems. When designing accessories my main focus is detail oriented characteristics as well as experimentations with unique techniques and non traditional materials.  On the other hand, my other passion is leaned more towards business of fashion, I enjoy organizing exhibitions, fashion shows and events from initial concept to the final execution. Creating an exhibition is similar to the production of a shoe, one has to think about multiple pieces and processes for the ultimate result to be successful.  Not only do I love designing footwear and handbags, I also love to wear what I design.
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